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VariSense pricing is simple and affordable.  There are no upfront costs, no setup fees and no hardware to buy, only a small monthly monitoring fee for the sensors that you need.  To get started today you'll just need a VariSense gateway and one or more VariSense sensors.  They are easy to install, you can be up and running in minutes.

Varisense gateway
You'll need one of these...
... and at least one of these.
VariSense Temperature Sensor

When you're ready to order, select the number of gateways and sensors that you need below and click the Order    Now button.  We will get your gateway and sensors ready and ship everything to you for an easy self-installation!  

Not sure what you need?  Questions about pricing?  Click Here for an example VariSense setup to see how it works.

To get started you will need a $19/month VariSense gateway and a $29/month VariSense wireless sensor.  You can add as many additional sensors as you like, as long as they are within range of the gateway (up to 500' for open, unobstructed facilities).  Additional VariSense gateways may be required for some installations.

We offer discounts based on quantity and term.  For a customized quote, please email the VariSense sales team.

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

If You Want To Start With The Free Version...


If you like, you can always use the VariSense mobile app for taking manual readings without any sensors.  You won't get the benefits of real time temperature and humidity monitoring but you'll still be able to store all of your important temperature data in the VariSense cloud, get alerts when a reading is out of range and run reports on your data whenever you need to.

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